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Online Pokies – How many types of online pokies machines are there?

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m actually based in Brisbane, Australia!  One of the major benefits I find there is in going to a land based casino in Australia is that you can physically see the pokie machines that the casino has and after walking around choose the machine that you want to play.   Players can’t necessarily do this with online pokies.  However, land based pokies and their online equivalent are similar in nature in many ways.   But exactly what types of online pokies games are there?

It’s not at all as complex as it first appears, and I was rather surprised to realise that there are only 2 types of online pokies available to Aussie players.  Both these types of pokies are available in Australian land based casinos, and they are:

1.    Straight online pokies

2.    Progressive online pokies

I’ve found that inexperienced players often get confused about the difference between these forms of online pokies.  Let’s look at the difference between them.

1.    Straight online pokies

These are the most common online pokies you are likely to play.  With ‘straight’ online pokies you are only playing the individual pokie machine.   In other words you are playing the one pokie machine and its accompanying payout schedule.
The complexity of straight online pokies varies enormously.

Most players new to this form of slot find that they prefer the 3 reel to the 5 reel online pokies.  However, this is not necessarily true for Australian players.  In fact I’ve come across more Aussie online pokies players who prefer the 5 reel to the 3 reel online pokies machines.

Often they state that they find the 3 reel online pokies rather boring compared to its 5 reel cousin.  Ultimately, from my experience I’ve found that it’s a matter of taste and it’s easier for inexperienced players to start off on 3 reel online pokies and then move to 5 reels when they are ready.

New online pokies players need to be aware that most 5 reel games, (and indeed some 3 reel machines) have ‘multipliers’.  Exactly what is a multiplier I hear you ask, and to be honest when I first started playing online pokies I was thinking the same thing!  A multiplier, does exactly what it says on the tin.  It multiplies your winnings based on the number of coins you are playing.

Aussie pokies players will be familiar with this concept as its been around in their casinos for a number of years.   It’s probably easiest explained by looking at an example.  If the online pokie you are playing pays 5 coins for landing 3 cherries when you pay 1 coin, it will pay a total of 10 coins when playing 2 coins, or it will pay 15 coins hen playing 3 coins and so on……

Another thing that players new to online pokies need to be aware of is that most online pokies have what are call ‘multiple pay lines’.  When pokies first came out in Australia, they were rather basic with just 3 reels and 1 pay line.  These days you are likely to find online pokies with anywhere from 1 to 25 pay lines.  In fact I’ve come across some online pokies that pay up to 100 pay lines.

Personally I find online pokies like this completely over the top for two reasons,  Firstly, its difficult to keep track of so many pay lines and you ultimately end up just hitting the spin button.  Secondly, it costs an absolute fortune to play a 100 lines on a online pokies machine.  You will need deep pockets, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

2.    Progressive Online Pokies

Progressive online pokies are the second form of online pokies available to players.  These are often called different things which are just confusing to players new to online pokies.

Progressive online pokies are machines which players can play which are linked together producing a prize pool (often called a jackpot).  Any machine in the progressive network can win the jackpot, which often runs into hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars.

How’s that for an introduction to online pokies. I’ll try and get some videos up at some stage in the next few weeks.

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